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P2097 Malibu bulletin #PIP5215A

Service bulletin #PIP5215A  fix for P2097 Malibu

What is the P2097 Malibu problem?

GM has issued a service bulletin #PIP5215A to address a P2097 Malibu trouble code. The bulletin applies to 2013 Chevrolet Malibu vehicles with the 2.5L (VIN A) engine. GM states that the P2097 code may set intermittently. When oxygen sensors report a lean condition, the ECM increases fuel delivery. But there’s a maximum limit on how much fuel the computer can add. The P2097 Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System High Limit code means the computer has reached that high end limit.

Diagnose a P2097 Malibu problem

Using a scan tool with live data, check the freeze frame data to check the short and long term fuel trim data was when the trouble code set. If fuel trim data is 13% or more, the computer was adding a lot of fuel to correct a lean condition.

To correct the P2097 Malibu condition, check for any of these conditions:

• An intake system leak
• Disconnected or damaged vacuum hose(s)
• Leaking purge solenoid valve
• Loose intake manifold bolts (there’s a different service bulletin to address loose intake manifold bolts on many GM vehicles—how in the hell could GM not notice this?).
• A non-OEM air filter that’s restricting airflow into the engine
• Restricted fuel injectors. Check the flow for each injector. Use an injector cleaner and retest to see if flow is improved and is even from cylinder to cylinder.

If the freeze frame data shows that fuel trims were in the normal range (-13% to 13%) when the P2097 code set check:

• The heater operation in the post oxygen sensor. The pre-cat oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust manifold before the close coupled cat converter. The post-cat oxygen sensor is located in the pipe before the main catalytic converter (see diagram below). Check that the heater is receiving power and ground and then check sensor operation.
• Exhaust system leaks using a smoke machine to pressurize the exhaust system. Spray a soapy solution around the exhaust system joints while the engine is running to check for leaks.

Once you’ve found the cause, clear the code and test drive until you complete the drive cycle

post cat oxygen sensor

Mailbu exhaust system and post-cat oxygen sensor location

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