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Replace Alternator — Step by step

Replace alternator yourself — How to

Replacing an alternator yourself is not hard if you have the right tools.

Tools needed to replace an alternator

Metric socket set, ratchets, extensions

Screwdriver set

Step by step to replace alternator

1)      Disconnect the battery terminals.

2)      Disconnect the B wire at the back of the alternator and alternator b terminalthen disconnect the electrical connector from the alternator.

3)      Loosen the alternator belt tensioner and remove the alternator belt

4)      Remove the tightening bolt from the alternator

5)      Remove the pivot bolt from the alternator

6)      Remove the alternator from the vehicle

7)      Place the new alternator in place and insert the pivot bolt. Tighten until snug. Do not perform final tightening yet.

alternator replacement

8)      Install the tension bolt and leave loose

9)      Install a new alternator belt

10)   Tension to the recommended tension and tighten the tightening bolt to spec.

11)   Tighten the pivot bolt to spec

12)   Connect the B wire to the back of the alternator and reconnect the electrical connector

13)   Check the battery’s state of charge. If it’s low, charge the battery using a battery charger

14)   Clean the battery terminals and posts

15)   Reconnect the battery terminals installing the negative terminal last.

16)   Start the engine. Turn on all electrical loads, rev the engine to 2,000 RPM and check battery voltage. It should read at least 13-volts. If so, you’re done.

Alternator replacement tips

• Never disconnect the B terminal wire while the battery terminals are connected

• Always use a new alternator belt when replacing an alternator.

• Checking the battery’s current state of charge and charging to 100% with a battery charger before starting the engine is the best way to avoid overheating the new alternator. Never rely on the alternator to recharge a dead battery.

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