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Service Power Steering Message

No power steering and service power steering message

GM has issued a service bulletin #16-NA-004 to address Multiple intermittent instrument panel warning lights, no power steering, a Service Power Steering Message on the Driver’s Information Center, Check engine light on and multiple data bus U trouble codes. The bulletin applies to the vehicles listed below.

Chevrolet Equinox 2012 to 2016 with the 2.4L (LEA) engine

GMC Terrain 2012 to 2016 with the 2.4L (LEA) engine

No power steering, Service Power Steering Message and multiple warning lights

GM says the problem may show up in any of these scenarios:

• Multiple instrument panel warning lamps illuminated.

• No power steering assist.

• No crank/no start.

• Service Power Steering message.

• Check engine light on

In addition, you may find multiple data bus codes present.

Wiring harness is the cause

GM has identified a problem where the engine

no power steering

Wiring harness chaffs on fuel pump cover edge

wiring harness may chaff on the edge of the fuel pump. Check the wiring harness and repair any damaged wires. When finished, wrap the repair with Polyester Electrical/Anti-Abrasive Tape (PET) or equivalent anti-abrasion tape.

Then remove any burrs or sharp edges from the fuel pump cover edge using a metal file. Re-position the wiring harness so it is away from the edge of the fuel pump cover.

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