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Shop for a 2023 F150 Leveling Kit

Find the best leveling kit for your 2023 F-150

Leveling kits raise the front end of your truck to eliminate the factory rake or nose-down stance that many newer trucks have from the factory. The raised front end allows you to add larger tires/wheels and provides a more level and aesthetically appealing look. The most common leveling kits for the 2023 F-150 raise the front end by two inches, although you can find some kids that provide a 2-/2″ lift and even a 3″ lift. This post shows the leveling kit products from the seven most popular manufacturers.

Spacer kits versus leveling struts

Larger tires and wheels add weight, so before you buy inexpensive strut extension spacers, consider how your truck will ride after the installation. While a spacer kit gives you the lift you need to install larger tires, it can’t compensate for the added tire/wheel weight. If you don’t change your struts, you may encounter a rougher ride or even tire/fender contact. To get the best ride quality, consider spending more on strut assemblies designed to handle the extra weight.

Leveling kits from RoughCountry.com

RoughCountry makes several leveling kits for the 2023 F-150. Their 2″ bolt-on strut extension spacer kits are the least expensive and provide enough lift to add up to 33-inch tires. Choose from either composite spacers or aircraft-quality T6061 billet aluminum spacers.

To install a bolt-on strut extension kit, remove the strut from the truck, add the spacers to the strut mount, reinstall, and align the truck. The model #52200 leveling spacers shown in the upper left of the photo below are made of composite plastic and sell for $49.95. You can also upgrade to the model #569-config aluminum spacers for a total cost of $99.95.

Roughcountry.com strut assemblies

Rough Country offers several strut assemblies for the 2023 F150. Choose from 2″ lift models, 0″-2″ adjustable, or pneumatic versions. I show two of the models below, the #501068 2″ lift model that sells for $329.95/pair and the #52068 0″-2″ adjustable model that sells for $499.95/pair.

Rough Country spacer kits receive high marks from their customers, with over 400 5-star reviews for the aluminum spacer kit.

This image shows four leveling kits for the 2023 F150 made by roughcountry.com

Leveling kit from ReadyLift.com

The ReadyLift.com #66-2120 2″ leveling kit is designed for the 2023 F150. The kit sells for $229.95 and is made from CNC-machined aircraft-grade billet aluminum. ReadyLift uses an offset construction method, where the current strut mount bolts connect to the spacer and the pressed-in studs in the spacer connect to the strut tower. ReadyLift claims this design avoids interference and maintains the strut’s original lifespan while it’s in a leveled configuration.

The ReadyLift.com kit includes alignment cam plates and cam nuts to help achieve the correct alignment after the installation. The strut extension spacer kit allows a tire upgrade up to a 295/60-20 tire on a 9″ wide wheel with an +18 offset.

This image shows a 2" leveling kit for the Ford F-150 made by readylift.com

ReadyLift #66-2120 2″ leveling kit for the F150 (2021-2024)

Leveling kit from FABTECHmotorsports.com

The Fabtech model #FTL5207 leveling system provides a 1.5″ lift to the front of your 2023 F150. The installation is simple, and no vehicle modification is needed. The 1.5″ spacers are made with 1/4″ thick steel and aircraft-grade aluminum billet. The kit sells for $173.88 from fabtechmotorsports.com

Fabtechmotorsports states: “All Fabtech Leveling Kits have undergone extensive engineering to properly function without placing the ball joints and tie rods into a bind. This is an important feature as some taller kits on the market create bind and can result in failure of those parts over time.”

This image shows a FabtechMotorsports.com 1.5"leveling kit model FTL52O7 for a 2023 F150

Fabtechmotorsports.com FTL5207-kit 2023 F150 leveling kit

2″ 2023 F150 2″Leveling Kit from Stage3motorsports.com

The Stage3motorsports model #FFA1.10198.2 2″ leveling kit is from high-strength 6061-T6 billet aluminum with coated steel studs and flared nuts. Simply drop the spacers onto your F150’s factory coilover assemblies without any permanent modifications. The Type 2 hard anodized, black finish are practically impervious to corrosion.  Buy the #FFA1.10198.2 leveling kit for $55.25 at Stage3motorsports.com.

This image shows a 2023 F150 2" leveling kit made by stage3motor sports.com madebystage3motorsports.com

Stage3motor sports.com Leveling Spacer Kit FFA1.10198.2

2″ leveling kit from motofablifts.com

The model #F150-2 leveling lift kit kit from motofablifts.com raises your 2023 F150 by a true 2″. Installation is easy and doesn’t require strut or coil disassembly like other kits. The spacers are made from billet aluminum and are powder-coated with a black finish to match your factory suspension. The kit sells for $82.99 from motofablifts.com

This image shows a two inch lift kit from Motofablifts.com

Motofablifts 2″ leveling kit #F150-2

What is a positive rake?

Carmakers design their light trucks so the unloaded bed sits higher than the vehicle’s front end. The design ensures that the vehicle will sit level when the bed is fully loaded. However, the positive rate limits the tire size you can install on the front wheels and gives the truck a downward-sloping look.

Many truck owners install a leveling kit to raise the front end to install larger tires and get a more aggressive-looking stance. To learn more about the difference between a leveling kit and a lift kit see this article.

This image shows what positive rake looks like on the light duty truck. The bed of the truck sits higher than the front end. Carmakers designed the truck this way so the vehicle sits level when the bed is fully loaded

This image shows what a positive rake looks like on a light-duty truck. The bed of the truck sits higher than the front end. Carmakers designed the truck this way so the vehicle sits level when the bed is fully loaded

How a leveling kit looks on your truck

This image shows the difference between a factory height and a leveled truck.

This image shows the added space you get at the front of the truck when you add a leveling kit

This image shows the added space you get at the front of the truck when you add a leveling kit

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