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Spot a Craigslist Car Selling Scam

Avoid getting caught in a Craigslist Car Selling Scam by spotting the warning signs

Craigslist Car Selling Scams are rampant. You won’t know right away that the seller is a scammer, but here are the warning signs of a Craigslist Car Selling Scam

Signs of a Craigslist Car Selling Scam

• Car is selling for less than it’s really worth

• The person responding to your inquiry isn’t really the actual owner, they’re “helping” a friend sell the car. The “friend” is in the military and is in Afghanistan or…..

• Seller’s reply says something like: Husband died recently and listing person is about to leave for military duty. The reply Includes minute details like; “The car is already at our Military Logistic Department from Fort Belvoir, U.S. Army base packed and ready to go. I will manage the delivery process. I think I can have it there at your home address within 2-3 working days. It will come with a clear title and reg.” Nobody sells a car for less than value and then pays to ship it to you. This is a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with a scammer. Shipping a car costs around $1,000.

• The response tells you the engine is “excellent” and the transmission shifts “perfectly.” Pretty odd description from someone who doesn’t actually own the vehicle, huh?

• Seller says you can “test” the car for a short period of time and your money will be held in “escrow” with a service like ebay motors or some other escrow company. Ebay does partner with an escrow service but ONLY if you buy the car FROM EBAY! If the seller says they work with EBAY escrow but they’re selling the car on CRAIGSLIST, IT’S A SCAM. RUN! The only way to get Ebay protection plan is to buy the product or vehicle FROM EBAY!

• If you take the bait, the seller will send you a fake email “from ebay” telling you where to send the money. Or, they’ll tell you to wire the money directly. Don’t do it! They’ll receive your money and you’ll never see the car.

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