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StopTech brake pads and rotors

StopTech brake pads and rotors is a division of  Centric Parts

StopTech is the high performance and racing brand of Centric Parts and a leading brand of world-class brake components and systems for production based race cars and high performance vehicles. In addition to building a wide range of race-proven braking systems, StopTech also supplies OEM vehicle assembly plants directly in a Tier 1
relationship and was the first company to offer balanced brake upgrades for production cars.

Centric Parts was acquired by First Brands Group in December 2020. First Brand Group also owns brake parts manufacturer Raybestos as well as FRAM filtration products, LuberFiner filtration products, TRICO wiper blades, ANCO wiper blades, Carter fuel and water pumps, Autolite spark plugs, and StrongArm lift supports.

First Brands Group is a Tier 1 supplier to GM and was awarded the Supplier of the Year in 2020.

First Brands Group’s revenue in 2020 was 2.2 Billion, however, that may not include revenue from the recent Centric and Raybestos acquisitions.

StopTech Street brake pads — 305

StopTech’s budget priced 305 version Street Stoptech 305 Street Select Brake Pads with hardware - CopySelect brake pad upgrade are formulated to eliminate noise and dust and improve braking over OE brake pads.

• High-temperature compound ensures consistent performance and even pad wear
• low-dust formulation makes for cleaner wheels
• Factory-style shims virtually eliminate pad-vibration noise
• precision-cut backing plates for perfect fit
• Scorched pad surface delivers a positive bite even when pads are cold
3-month/3,000 mile warranty
Para-aramid composite friction compound
Brake pads only are included

StopTech Street brake pads — 308

StopTech 308 Performance Brake Pads are StopTech Street brake pads — 308a great all-round performer with excellent bite, low dust and very quiet. Upgrade over stock, moderate price and all clips and pad retaining hardware included.

• Para-aramid composites provide linear response regardless of pad temperature.
• 100% positive molded for uniform friction material density.
• Low dust formulation is rotor friendly and leaves wheels cleaner.
• Scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and ease bed-in.
• 100% Asbestos-free formulas.

StopTech Sport brake pads — 309

StopTech Sport High performance brake pad StopTech Sport brake pads — 309upgrade for high performance driving, normal driving and even timed track sessions driving at pulse-pounding 10/10ths levels. Great versatility.
• Medium dust, low noise levels and a very capable compound for trucks and SUVS f
• Great price-point for a high performance pad compound inclusive of OE style clips and pad retaining hardware.

StopTech  Truck and SUV Towing brake pads — 319

Stoptech’s 319 compound (same compositionStopTech Truck and SUV Towing as famous Stoptech 309 compound).
• great bite
• low noise and dust levels.
• Pads are scorched to aid in rapid bed-in and perform from the first stop.
• Precision cut backing plates and application-specific pad shims help eliminate noise.
• Positive-molded pads insure consistent braking performance.

Stoptech Racing Brake Pads

StopTech race-specific pads are engineered to stoptech racing brake padsprovide optimal friction levels for shorter stops, increased control through superior pedal modulation and fade-free performance at extreme racing temperatures.

StopTech’s unique metallic compounds are blended with carbon and graphite particles to provide an optimal high temperature race friction material. The result is smoother, more predictable and more consistent brake engagement along with exceptional release characteristics not found in most other racing friction materials.

Stoptech SR30 Compound Racing Brake Pads

Medium to low friction levels with linear torque curve with rising temperatures. Extreme high temperature fade resistance. Excellent modulation and release characteristics. Repeatable performance for applications requiring lower torque.

StopTech SR32  Racing Brake Pads

StopTech SR32race pads have similar friction levels to SR34, but slightly lower initial bite, for easier modulation. Linear torque curve with temperature rise with excellent release. Low disc wear. For medium to high horsepower applications requiring higher friction levels.

StopTech SR33 Race Brake Pads Fits ST40 Calipers

The Stoptech SR33 Race pads333.0609.17.0 fit the ST40, ST40 Sport and ST40 Race calipers with a 17mm thickness that offer a flat torque curve with a high fade resistance. Compared to the SR34 compound this SR33 is slightly lower in torque with grear pedal modulation.

StopTech SR34 Racing Brake Pads

StopTech SR34 Race Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are engineered to meet the demands of high performance driving while maintaining the refinement and comfort expected in everyday driving conditions. Para-aramid composites are specially formulated to provide linear response at both cold and hot temperatures, delivering optimum stopping performance over a wide range of driving conditions. more details on – https://www.carid.com/stoptech/sr34-race-semi-metallic-brake-pads-mpn-334-t011-18-0.html#specifications

StopTech 126 Sport Slotted Brake Rotors

• Venting the gas emitted by hot brake pads improves overall brake performance and helps minimize fade.

• superior metallurgy and design specifications, including vane designs (with some applications featuring curved vane designs)

• slotted design dramatically improves wet and dry brake performance and is a safer alternative to drilling crack prone holes through cast iron rotors.

• Slotted rotors trade only 3.7% of their surface area to the slots that vent the gasses, while drilled rotors sacrifice up to 7. 75% of their surface area, and rotors that are both drilled and slotted sacrifice up to 9.38% of their surface area. Less surface area means less stopping friction. The rotors are also double disc ground and mill balanced to ensure a consistent friction surface and improved pad bed-in.

• StopTech Brake Rotors’ black Electrocoating (E-coating) finish, an electrostatically applied finish is designed to withstand 400 hours of saltwater exposure without rusting and provides long lasting corrosion protection in the critical hat and cooling vane areas.

StopTech 127 Sport Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors

• The unique cross-drilling and slotting 127 StopTech Sport Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotorsaids with heat and brake dust dispersal
• prevents glazing of the pads, adds bite and improves wet and dry braking performance. black e-coating provides protection from corrosion and the high carbon metallurgy

StopTech 128 Sport Drilled Brake Rotors

  • Premium black E-coating finish to combat corrosion on the rotor hat and between the cooling vanes
  • Castings have important O.E. details including extractor and set screw holes
  • Superior cooling fin designs
  • Double disc ground finish
  • 100% fully machined finish including rotor hats
  • 100% inspected and mill-balanced
  • Lateral runout held to 0.002″ or less
  • Meet or exceed rigid quality specifications, including cooling vane designs

StopTech 226C-Tek Sport Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors

Stopech base version slotted rotor with the lowest226 stoptech rotor price point to enable basic commuting and driving functionality.

StopTech 227 Select Sport Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors

Looking to move up to a drilled-and-slotted rotor look but want to stay in budget? Then the brand-new “Select 227” brake rotors by StopTech are your best quality option above and beyond what you’re seeing on 227 stoptech rotorE-bay for twenty-nine cents for a set from a rogue trader.

• Non-Directional Finishes

• Machined non-friction surfaces

• G11 metallurgy
• Drilled & Slotted for increased bite, improved looks and better performance
• Zinc coated corrosion protection

StopTech 228 Select Sport Drilled Brake Rotors

StopTech Select Sport Drilled & Slotted Brake 228 drilled stoptech rotorRotors are High Quality drilled and slotted rotors that provide added bite and improved looks for any vehicle. Zinc coating provides improved protection from corrosion extending service life.

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