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Wagner brake pads and rotors

Wagner brake pads and rotors

Wagner was a division of Federal-Mogul. In 2018 Federal-Mogul was acquired by Tenneco one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers, and marketers of automotive products for original equipment and aftermarket customers. With annual revenues of approximately 17.45 billion in 2020, Tenneco is a major player in the OE and aftermarket auto parts business.

Tenneco’s  Motorparts division (DRiV) produces piston rings, pistons, valves, valve guides, valve seats, crankshaft and camshaft bearings, cylinder liners, seals, gaskets, heat shields, and spark plugs. It also produces OE and aftermarket emissions control products like; Cold Start Thermal Unit (Active Heating), High-Efficiency Urea Mixing, Fabricated Manifolds, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Gasoline and Diesel Particulate Filters, Close-Coupled Catalysts, Full Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems and Large Engine Aftertreatment +Dosing.

Tenneco brand names

Monroe shocks, struts, suspension components, Walker exhaust and emissions product,  Champion spark plugs, Fel-Pro gaskets, MOOG steering, and suspension products, Wagner brake products, Öhlins ride control products, Rancho ride control products, Thrush exhaust products, National bearings, Sealed Power piston rings and bearings, Clevite, GLYCODUR, GOETZE, Nural, DEVA, GLYCO, Daros

Wagner OEX brake pads — Premium quality

Wagner OEX brake pads provide premium Wagner OEX brake padsbraking performance for trucks, SUVs, and CUVs. They’re built with a proprietary friction formulation and patented, vehicle-specific, and customized slot designs, designed to deliver up to two times longer pad life.

Wagner OEX brake pad features

Unique slot design creates turbulent airflow for improved heat dissipation allowing for cooler operation and improved stopping power,

Wagner OEX slots

Unique slot design to improve airflow and cooling

less dust, and reduced rotor wear.
Galvanized steel backing plate with mechanical retention to eliminate rust, rust jacking, and friction material delamination.
• Premium stainless-steel hardware for better corrosion resistance and longer life
Five-layer shims and asymmetrical pad shape deaden noise, vibration, and harshness
• Hardware included
• Zero copper formulation

Wagner TQ ThermoQuiet Brake Pads — OE Quality

Wagner TQ ThermoQuiet Brake Pad Features

• Unique laser-shaped friction material spreads out Wagner TQ brake padsheat, sound, and vibration to reduce noise opportunities
• One-piece design integrates friction material, backing plate, and insulator into the brake pad for select applications
• Superior formulation design dissipates heat for long-lasting friction performance and reduced brake fade
• Friction formulation reduces rotor wear and brake dust
• Hardware included
• Zero copper formulation

Wagner TQ brake pads

Wagner QS Quiet Stop Brake Pads — Best for budget-conscious buyers

Wagner QS brake pads provide OE equivalent braking at an affordable price.

Wagner QS Quiet Stop Brake Pad Features

• 100% post-cure process to ensure even friction performance throughout the life of the pad

• OE fit and form
• Application-specific design reduces noise-causing vibration
Premium stainless-steel hardware and OE-style lubricant included in most applications
• Hardware included
• Zero copper formulation

Wagner SD Severe Duty Brake Pads — Best for extreme environments

Wagner SD Severe Duty brake pads are designed for vehicles driven in extreme environments like frequent stopping, gear-hauling, and heavy payloads.

Wagner SD Brake Pad Features

• Engineered for fleets and vehicles driven in Wagner SD brake padsdemanding conditions
• Semi-metallic carbon-based friction material delivers long-lasting braking performance for the toughest applications
• Optimal braking performance for vehicles under extreme heat, frequent stopping, and heavy
• Premium stainless-steel hardware kits included for key applications
• OE-style shims, slots, and chamfers
• Hardware included
• Zero copper formulation

Wagner Rotors

Premium Wagner Brake rotors include E-Shield® wagner rotor vane designelectro-coating applied to all non-braking surfaces. This black-colored coating prevents corrosion, makes removal for service fast and simple, and is visually attractive for open-spoke wheels. A turned, smooth surface finish aids in the proper seating of the friction and requires less time for rotor “break-in”.

Unique vane design provides greater cooling

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