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Subaru Blower Motor Problems

Service bulletin for Subaru Blower Motor Problems

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #10-96-19 to address Subaru blower motor problems on the vehicles listed below. If the vehicle has Auto AC, the blower fan may not work at all. In vehicles with Manual AC, the blower motor works only on the highest speed. This may cause you to replace the blower motor resistor or blower motor control. That will only address the symptom, not the root cause

Subaru has determined that the root cause is water intrusion into the blower motor which causes it to rust and draw too much current. The excessive current draw may blow the blower motor fuse and damage the blower motor resistor. If you just replace the fuse or blower motor resistor, the problem will reoccur. Subaru has issued an updated blower motor to solve the problem.

Vehicles affected by Subaru service bulletin #10-96-19

2012-16 Imprezza
2013-17 Crosstrek
2014-18 Forester
2015-18 WRX and WRX STI

The new blower motors were incorporated into production models starting with these VINs
Forester JH576848
WRX & WRX STI J9838468

Updated Subaru blower motor

Replace the blower moto and cabin air filter with these updated part numbers:
Models with Auto AC blower motor 72210FJ033
Models with Manual AC blower motor 72210FJ043
Cabin air filter for both models 72880FJ000

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