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GM PassKey and PassLock overview

Diagnose problems with anti-theft systems in GM vehicles Read More

No Crank, No Start on Chrysler Minivans

Minivan won’t Crank, won’t start There are a whole host of electrical problems on Chrysler minivans that would cause either a no crank no start situation. But first you have to determine if the problem is related to the anti-theft system. An anti-theft related no crank, no start problem will appear as a start/stall, start/stall, (several or just once) and then a no crank. If those are the symptoms, first check your key ring to make sure you don’t have any other “transmitter” type keys on your key ring (regardless … Read More

No start Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am won’t start Shops are reporting a No start Pontiac Grand Am problem that results in a no start or intermittent no start condition. More often than not, this problem is caused by the “Passlock” anti-theft feature. In many cases you have to replace the lock cylinder and housing. Click on this article to read how to diagnose and fix the GM Passlock system   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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