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Serpentine Belt squeals – Ford

Serpentine Belt squeals – Ford Serpentine Belt squeals on 1999 Ford Taurus with the 3.0L overhead valve engine, belt dressing doesn’t help. Belt dressing sprays a sticky layer of goop onto the belt and that stops the belt slip, but it’s only a temporary fix. It never corrects the underlying problem. Worse yet, the sticky spray picks up road grit and literally grinds up the pulleys, making the problem even worse. Start by replacing the belt. If it still slips, the problem can only be caused by a component that’s … Read More

Should I use belt dressing

Belt dressing and belt squeals and chirps If you’re thinking about using belt dressing to stop belt squeal and chirps, DON’T. It’ll stop the noise for a while. But belt dressing is nothing more than a sticky adhesive. Yes, it helps the belt grip better, but that same adhesive picks up road grit that’ll pick up road grit and destroy the belt and wear out your pulleys. It NEVER solves the root cause of the belt squeal or chirp. Don’t use belt dressing. Find the real cause of belt squeal … Read More

Diagnose squeak noise, creaks, and squeals

Diagnose squeak noise, creaks, and squeals If you want to be seen as a Car Doctor, you have to look like one. Owning (and wearing) an automotive stethoscope is just the right way to do that. It’s also the perfect way to diagnose squeak noise, creaks, and squeals. Plus, it a great accessory for your Car Doctor toolbox. A stethoscope is the first tool a pro uses to narrow down the source of humming, grinding, buzzing, squealing, or a screaming bearing. Old-timers use an old garden hose. But a professional … Read More

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