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Best brake rotors — an in depth explanation

Best brake rotors — what to look for There are lots of offshore brake rotors on the market today and a high percentage are just plain garbage. They’re made with lower-grade metal, they don’t use the same cooling vane design, and the friction rings are thinner. So they don’t last as long or brake as well as premium quality rotors. Here’s how to tell the difference between an economy brake rotor and the best brake rotors Economy brake rotors are made with less metal The two rotors shown below are … Read More

Best brake rotors

Best brake rotors Who makes the best brake rotors? There’s a huge difference in quality between economy and premium rotors. If you want the best brake rotors for your car or truck, this article is a MUST READ! That’s because over the last decade, poor quality offshore brake rotors have been flooding the North American market. These economy rotors don’t cool as well, create more noise, wear faster and actually increase stopping distances. How do you know whether you’re getting the best brake rotor for the money? I’ll show you … Read More

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