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Blower motor controller Ford Truck

How replace blower motor controller in a Ford truck Ford placed the blower motor controller behind the heater box on late model Ford F-series trucks equipped with variable speed blower motors. The blower motor controller is what provides the variable speeds by pulsing the power/ground to the motor based on the speed you choose. Think of this as a computerized version of the old fashioned blower motor resistor. The problem with Ford’s placement is that the shop manual calls for removing the heater box in order to replace the blower … Read More

Blower motor controller keep fan running after car is turned off

Why does the blower motor keep running after I turn off the car? If your car uses a blower motor controller, it can keep running the blower motor after you shut down the engine. Those used to be installed only on vehicles with automatic climate control with variable speed fans, but now they’re installed on many late model vehicles. How a blower motor controller differs from a blower motor resistor? In a vehicle equipped with a blower motor resistor, voltage is reduced by the value of the each resistor based … Read More

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