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Blower motor fix

How to diagnose and fix blower motor problems A blower motor problem is easy to fix if you understand how your particular system is wired. Here are the blower motor fix steps: Determine if you have a manual or automatic heating system in your vehicle? Do you set the temperature and the system keeps that temperature or do you have to adjust the temperature up manually and then turn it down once the cabin heats up? Also, does your blower motor have just a 3 or 4 speeds or do … Read More

erratic gauges

How to fix erratic gauges I see lots of posts on car forums where the poster has really strange electrical problems like erratic gauges or the the blower will only work when the brakes are applied, or lights work only when certain other electrical accessories are either on or off. Most DIYers automatically assume these electrical problems are caused on the power side of the electrical device. In almost all cases, it turns out to be on the ground side. Car makers install multiple grounding points in every vehicle. They … Read More

Blower motor slows down when accelerating

Blower motor slows down when accelerating If your blower motor slows down when accelerating, it may have nothing to do with the motor itself. Many vehicle manufacturers use vacuum motors to operate heating/AC doors. Most vehicles have at least two of these vacuum motors. One motor is used to move a door that switches airflow “modes,” like defrost, heat, vent, etc. The other motor controls a door that regulates air temperature by “blending” outside or re-circulated air with freshly heated or cooled air. Other vehicles have a third vacuum motor … Read More

Replace Blower Motor Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country

Trick to Replace Blower Motor Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country If you need to replace blower motor on Caravan, Voyager, or Town and Country van, this make save you some time. Replacing the blower motor on a newer Dodge Caravan/Voyager can be a real bearcat. You’ll be tempted to call the designing engineer at home and make him come out in the dead of night to do the job. The labor guide calls for 3.5 hours to get the old one out and install the new one. The maddening part … Read More

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