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Brake grease

Which brake grease goes where? When you apply your brakes, parts move. All those moving parts require some type of grease to ease movement and prevent friction and noise. Many people are confused over which brake grease to use and where to apply brake grease during a brake job. Here’s the scoop. Clean these brake caliper and abutment areas before applying brake grease The brake caliper bracket and brake abutment areas form rust over time. Rust expands as it forms and that expansion can reduce the clearances between brake pads … Read More

What brake grease to use

Brake grease is a special synthetic high-temp lube for lubricating brake parts Using the right brake grease is critical to maintaining proper caliper operation. Don’t make the mistake of using anti-seize to lubricate slide pins. That stuff can’t handle the heat and when it bakes on, it can actually cause seizing. You want high temp brake grease. The two products shown below are the newest products on the market. They’re built on a high temp silicone grease but have ground up ceramic added to act like bearings. I like both … Read More

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