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Do you need a new cabin air filter?

When to replace your cabin air filter The cabin air filter sits in in the air duct between the outside air intake and the blower fan. It’s sometimes called a pollen filter since its original purpose was solely for pollen removal. Few car makers thought that non-allergy sufferers would even want to filter out road dust. However, car makers quickly changed the name from pollen filter to to cabin air filter because owners didn’t think they needed to service the filter if they didn’t have pollen allergies. When the filters isn’t … Read More

How to replace a cabin air filter

Replace cabin air filter Cabin air filter installation The cabin air filter is located behind the glove box in most vehicles. To get to it you’ll most likely have to remove everything from the glove box and disconnect the glove box “stay;” the bracket that prevents the door from falling all the way down. Since replacing the cabin air filter is different in each vehicle, try this link from FRAM. Enter your vehicle info and it should show you the step by step procedure. Most cabin air filters are made … Read More

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