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Chrysler, Ram, Jeep no start

Diagnose and fix a Chrysler, Ram, Jeep no start A Chrysler, Ram and Jeep no start is often caused by a locked Wireless control module. Chrysler vehicles use a wireless control module (WCM) referred to as the Sentry key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM). This module is extremely sensitive to static discharge that can occur during dry or cold winter months when sliding across the seats. When that happens, The WCM lock up and you get a no start condition. This will also disable the remote lock/unlock feature of your key … Read More

Chrysler charging system

Chrysler charging system The manner in which Chrysler charging systems power the alternator field varies depending on which generation PCM you have installed in your vehicle. So consult a shop manual for the exact system used in your vehicle. This is just an overview. In a Next Generation Controller PCM the alternator has 3 wires. The black wire is a contact ground. The PCM sends a pulsed power to the alternator field coil on the dark green wire. The strength of the field depends on the pulse width. The output … Read More

Car overheats – Chrysler Vehicles

Car overheats – Chrysler products People always ask why their Chrysler car overheats. Aside from the mechanical reasons explained here, Chrysler products rely on a solid state radiator fan relay that can cause problems. The relay is usually mounted in the front of the vehicle on a frame rail. That’s great for cooling the relay, but it also exposes it to lots of water and salt. Since the relay is solid state and provides almost 40-amps to the radiator cooling fans, it can get quite hot. The frame rail is … Read More

P1491 radiator fan won’t turn on

Radiator fan won’t turn on and trouble code P1491 If you own a Chrysler minivan and it’s overheating because the radiator fan won’t turn on, it may be a bad radiator fan relay Many owners report overheating in their minivans because the electric cooling fan will not come on. This may be accompanied by trouble code P1491—Radiator Fan Control Relay Circuit Malfunction. Start your diagnosis at the fan relay module which is located below the battery box on the left frame rail. The Grey wire is hot at all times and … Read More

Wet Carpet in Chrysler Vehicles — TSB fix

Fix for Wet Carpet in Chrysler Vehicles — TSB fix If you own a 2004-06 Pacifica or 2001-06 Town & Country, Caravan, or Voyager built before Dec 16, 2005, Chrysler has issued a TSB fix (24-001-006 Rev A) for a wet carpet caused by A/C condensation leaking from the housing. First, verify that the wet carpet is caused by leaking condensate. Water may run back along the outside of the drain tube and onto the passenger side carpet. If you discover that’s the source of your leak, follow this procedure: … Read More

caravan serpentine belt slips off

How to prevent a Caravan serpentine belt from slippin off Gates has come out with a solution for Caravans, Town & Country, and Voyager vans that where the serpentine belt slips off in the rain. The kit includes a new belt with ribs on both sides, along with a new grooved tensions and idler roller. This is a permanent solution to the problem for the 3.0 engine. Check out the Gates website. Look for part number 38342K.     © 2012 Rick Muscoplat Save

Pulsation from brake rotors on Chrysler minivan

Fix brake pedal pulsation on Chrysler minivans Chrysler has issued a TSB for the above vehicles describing the procedure for eliminating a pulsating brake pedal/steering wheel. It applies to model code RS equipped with disc/drum brakes (sales code BRB) built from 7-1-04 through 10-30-04. The problem is identified as warped rotors and CANNOT be fixed by machining the rotors. Chrysler recommends replacing the rotors with new ones. This procedure is covered by warranty if the vehicle is still within the warranty period.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

buzz rattle squeak in Chrysler Town and Country Minivans

Fix annoying buzz rattle squeak in Chrysler Town and Country Minivans Noise is  in the passenger compartment of these vans is caused by a tab on the rear quarter trim panel rubbing against the rear speaker grill. Simply cut off the tab to correct the buzz rattle squeak problem. Problem is on vehicles made between 6/01/04-9/5/16.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Transmission Flush

Should I get a transmission flush? All the quick oil change places push transmission flush services. But are they a good idea? UPDATE GM recently issued a technical service bulletin to their dealers regarding flushing services. I’ve posted it here. But if you want the short version, GM does NOT recommend engine flushing, nor does it recommend TRANSMISSION flushing. Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and most other car makers has issued the same warnings. Here it is: TSB #04-06-01-029G September 27, 2012 “..many of your service departments merchandise supplemental services and fluids to … Read More

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