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More power with a cold air intake?

Do you really get more horsepower with a cold air intake? Every day I see auto forums posters ask about modding their cars by adding a cold air intake. They’re convinced they’ll get more horsepower with a cold air intake system. Let me dispel that notion; replacing your factory tuned intake with an aftermarket intake s on a late model car will NOT get you any more power. In fact, they’re a total rip off. Worst yet, in most cases you’ll actually see a decrease in performance. Cold air intake … Read More

cold air intake

Do Cold Air Intakes work?

Cold air intake myths and legends If you’re reading this, you’re already wondering if an aftermarket cold air intake is better than the factory intake. Here’s a tip to sorting out all the conflicting information you’ll be watching and reading. Every source that says they add a lot of power to your vehicle is a source that has a horse in the race. They usually sell racing parts, so of course, they’re going to want to sell you an aftermarket cold air intake. I don’t sell parts so I have … Read More

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