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No crank no start

No crank no start on a GM vehicle GM has issued a service bulletin #09-06-03-004C to address a starting condition where you encounter an intermittent no crank, no start, a no crank, no start, no click, a cranks but won’t start, or a cranks but won’t fire. The symptoms can also appear as: No Module Communication, Check engine light/service engine soon light, other warning lights, Vehicle Messages or trouble codes stored in the computer. The bulletin applies to the vehicles listed below. GM has determined the condition may be caused … Read More

Hyundai makes clicking noise under dash and won’t start

Clicking noise dash, cranks but won’t start – Hyundai Hyundai owners may encounter a situation where they hear a clicking noise under dash, accompanied by a cranks but won’t start condition. If you check further, you may discover that you have fuel pressure but no spark. And, you’re suspicious of the clicking noise under dash issue. You should be. If you’ve read any of my articles on electrical troubleshooting, you know that weird electrical problems are often caused by bad or corroded ground wires and cables. Well, that’s the first thing … Read More

Jetta won’t start

Jetta Cranks but won’t start Jetta, trouble code P0480 If you own a Volkswagon Jetta with the 2.5-l engine and find that it cranks when you turn the key but it won’t start and shows a P0480 trouble code, your problem may be as simple as a bad ground wire. The ignition coils in most vehicles get power when the key is in the RUN position and the ignition control module or the PCM provides ground when it wants a coil to fire. The VW is similar, but not exactly … Read More

Ford F-450 cranks but won’t start

Fix code P0340 Ford Ford F-450 cranks but won’t start and intermittent bucking If your F-450 cranks but won’t start or starts and then bucks, head for the camshaft position sensor. It’s located on the right side of the engine timing cover above the crankshaft balancer. You’ll need a scope to check it because it creates a 12 volt square wave. Probe the dark green wire to check the signal. If the signal is erratic, replace the sensor. This sensor has a high failure rate and may not even be worth … Read More

Cranks but won’t start F-450

Cranks but won’t start F-450 If fuse #30 in the engine compartment fuse box blows repeatedly and it Cranks but won’t start, along with no “Wait to start light,” and no Check Engine light, start your diagnosis by unhooking the fuel heater connector containing the red/light green wire on the rear of the fuel filter water separator assembly. If that solves the blown fuse problem, replace the fuel heater. © 2007 Rick Muscoplat  

No start and codes P0351 P0352 P0353

Cranks but no start P0351 P0352 P0353 If you have a scan tool, command the PCM to perform the actuator test mode to test the ignition coils. Next, use a digital meter to check the voltage output at the body control module form the ignition switch. With the key out, you should see 4.6 volts, key in 4.6 volts, accessory position 3.2 volts, unlock 2.2 volts, run 1.12 volts, start 0.41 volts. If you’re not seeing those voltages, then the BCM will not send the proper digital message to the … Read More

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