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Oil light on — WARNING

Oil light on — what to do Notice your oil light on? STOP! I mean pull over IMMEDIATELY and turn of your engine. Yes, it’s that important. Keep driving and you risk catastrophic engine failure that could cost well over $5,000. Why is it so important to pull over immediately? Some luxury cars are equipped with an oil LEVEL warning light. When that light comes on, it means you should pull over at the next exit and refill. If your car has one of those, it will have an oil … Read More

What to do if you see your Oil light on

What to do if you have an oil light on You’re driving along and notice you have an oil light on warning on your dash. Here’s what it means and the steps you should take. Oil light on — IMMEDIATELY Pull over to a safe place and shut off the engine! Do NOT continue driving when you have an oil light on. The oil light it’s telling you that your engine’s oil pressure has dropped to a dangerously low level. Oil pressure is what keeps metal parts from contacting one … Read More

Why is the Oil light on

Why is your oil light on and how to fix it First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same oil light. All engines have an oil light that warns if oil pressure is too low. If you have an oil light on condition, you should STOP immediately and shut off the engine. Driving with low oil pressure can destroy your engine. The light comes on when you turn the key to RUN and goes off when the engine spins enough to build at least 7-psi. Most people think that … Read More

Oil light on

Oil light is on All engines are equipped with an oil pressure sensor, also called a sending unit. If the vehicle has a gauge, the sending unit sends a varying voltage to the gauge. But if the vehicle just has an oil light, the sending unit lights the light only when oil pressure is below specifications—usually less than 7-psi. That’s why the oil light is on at startup when the oil pressure hasn’t yet built up to spec. Once the pressure reaches the minimum level, the light goes out. What … Read More

Oil light reset procedure on buick rendezvous

How to reset the oil light on Buick Rendevous The higher end Rendezvous vehicles have a Driver Information Center (DIC) that allows you to reset the oil life system. But if your vehicle doesn’t have that and you change the oil and find that the light doesn’t go out, you’ll have to do a manual oil light reset. To do an oil light reset: Turn the key to ON but don’t start the engine. Press and release the accelerator pedal slowly three times. You must complete this within three seconds. … Read More

Hyundai Santa Fe Oil Light flickering

Why is the Oil Light flickering on my Hyundai Sante Fe Shops are reporting Hyundai Santa Fe Oil Light flickering problems on 2003-04 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L engines. The oil light stays on or flickers. Obviously, your first check should be oil level. But if that’s fine, locate the oil pressure sending unit near the oil filter. Then follow the wire up towards the alternator belt. This wire can rub against the engine and short to ground. If you find any rubbed through insulation, repair it and recheck the oil … Read More

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