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Parasitic battery drain

Parasitic battery drain— What is it? All modern computerized vehicles draw a certain amount of power from the battery at all times. The power is needed to maintain the computer module’s memory and to stay “awake” to receive signals from the owner’s remote keyless entry key fob. The amount of power these modules draw is much higher once you activate the door or trunk. That’s the signal for the modules to “wake up.” During “sleep mode,” the modules normally consume less than 50-milliamps. At that rate, a fully charged car … Read More

Parasitic battery drain test

Parasitic battery drain test— How to Test for Parasitic battery drain There are two ways to test for a parasitic battery drain; current draw and voltage drop. Both methods require a digital multimeter. You can perform a current drain test with just your multimeter by connecting it in series with the negative battery cable. There’s a major drawback to this procedure though; the multimeter fuse is only 10-amps and can blow if you exceed that current draw. So you must exercise caution that you don’t operate any electrical accessories while … Read More

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