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PassKey GM

Diagnose a PassKey system problem The antitheft system used in many ‘90’s vintage GM vehicles was named PassKey. Passkey is an acronym for Personal Automotive Security System. GM used several variation of PassKey. This article describes the operation and diagnosis of PassKey II. PassKey II consists of a square head ignition key that contains a resistor. See the resistor pellet on the shaft of the key to the left of the plastic. There are 15 possible different resistor values. The ignition lock cylinder contains a set of electrical contacts that … Read More

Fix PassLock

Diagnose, fix PassLock system This is one in a series of articles. READ THIS FIRST GM made several different types of anti-theft systems. VATS, PassKey, and PassLock. The troubleshoot and reset procedures are different for each. PassLock seems to have the highest failure rate. So if you have a key WITHOUT a chip in it, chances are it’s a PassLock system. This article describes how to troublshoot and fix a PassLock system. But here are some more articles to help Click here to see the resetting procedure for PassLock Click … Read More

GM PassKey and PassLock overview

Diagnose problems with anti-theft systems in GM vehicles Read More

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