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Replace brake rotors with new brake pads?

Do you always replace brake rotors with new pads? I see this question asked a lot and I’ll give you the answer based on best practices. To do a proper brake job, it’s important to either machine the old rotor or replace it with a new rotor when installing new brake pads. This article explains why you should always replace brake rotors with new pads or at least machine the old rotors before installing new pads. Rotors wear and measuring the old rotors is the first step in determining whether … Read More

Replace brake rotor

When to replace brake rotors Brake rotors don’t last forever so you and the technician must make a decision whether to reuse brake rotors versus resurfacing or replacing them. As car makers have reduced the weight of their vehicles to gain fuel economy they’ve reduced the thickness (and weight) of the brake rotors. In the old days a technician could easily resurface a brake rotor twice. Today, some rotors are so thin right out of the factory that a single resurfacing procedure can thin them to the point where they no … Read More

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