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Belt noise — How to diagnose and fix

Serpentine belt noise squeal or chirp Belt noise can be caused by a tension, alignment or wear issue If you have belt noise that sounds like a squeal or chirp, you’ve got an underlying problem that must be fixed. The #1 cause of serpentine belt noise is a worn automatic serpentine belt tensioner. Most people blame the belt and replace it only to find the belt noise returns. You may think the belt tensioner is in good shape simply because it applies some tension to the belt—not true!. Automatic belt … Read More

Diagnose a belt tensioner

Diagnose a belt tensioner A worn automatic serpentine belt tensioner can cause belt squeal, misalignment, belt chirp, and alternator bearing damage. Automatic tensioners tend to wear out at around 100K miles. If you have a belt noise or vibration and you’ve changed the belt, it’s time to test your belt tensioner. It’s easy. Just follow the procedures below. First, understand the belt tensioner’s TWO jobs Belt tensioner job #1: Maintain proper belt tension The belt tensioner’s first job is to maintain the proper tension on the serpentine belt. That’s easy … Read More

Should I use belt dressing

Belt dressing and belt squeals and chirps If you’re thinking about using belt dressing to stop belt squeal and chirps, DON’T. It’ll stop the noise for a while. But belt dressing is nothing more than a sticky adhesive. Yes, it helps the belt grip better, but that same adhesive picks up road grit that’ll pick up road grit and destroy the belt and wear out your pulleys. It NEVER solves the root cause of the belt squeal or chirp. Don’t use belt dressing. Find the real cause of belt squeal … Read More

Install serpentine belt

Tip on how to install serpentine belts. If you’ve ever tried replacing a serpentine belt, you know that it comes off easier than the new one goes on. Part of the reason is because the old belt has stretched a bit. But as I have given advice to friends over the years, the one thing I notice is that they always try to install the last portion of the belt around a pulley that has grooves on it–like alternator or power steering. You can do it that way, but it’s … Read More

Serpentine Belt Diagrams

How to find a Serpentine Belt Diagram If you’re here, I assume you’ve lost the under-hood belt Serpentine Belt Diagrams routing diagram. No problem. Go to this site: Dayco Belt Routing Guide. Enter the make, model, year, and engine size of your vehicle. Then click on “routing.”   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Serpentine belt noise Lexus

Fix Serpentine belt noise on a Lexus Lexus has discovered a problem with serpentine belt noise on some of its models that can cause a chirping or squealing noise on startup. If you own a 2001-04 GS 430, LS 430, or a 2002-04 SC 430 Lexus, and have a chirping serpentine belt nois you may want to replace the factory belt with a new part number. The new belt is made with a different rubber compound that eliminates the slipping on cold starts. The new part number is #90916-02586 for … Read More

caravan serpentine belt slips off

How to prevent a Caravan serpentine belt from slippin off Gates has come out with a solution for Caravans, Town & Country, and Voyager vans that where the serpentine belt slips off in the rain. The kit includes a new belt with ribs on both sides, along with a new grooved tensions and idler roller. This is a permanent solution to the problem for the 3.0 engine. Check out the Gates website. Look for part number 38342K.     © 2012 Rick Muscoplat Save

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