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Stabilizer bar, Sway bar

What is a sway bar? A sway bar is a thick round steel bar made of steel that’s formed into a “U” shape and attached at each end to the left and right wheels with a sway bar end link. It’s also referred to as roll bar, anti-sway bar, or stabilizer bar. What does a sway bar do? In short, a sway bar controls body roll in turns to improve a vehicle’s cornering agility and prevent the tire opposite from the turn from lifting off the pavement. How does a … Read More

Sway bar and end links

What is a sway bar and why does each end have an end link? A sway bar, also called a stabilizer bar, controls side-to-side vehicle body movement and increases the vehicle’s roll stiffness. It’s a “U” shaped rod made from spring steel that attaches to the wheel on each end of the axle. The spring steel allows the sway bar to flex as the vehicle takes a turn. If it didn’t flex, the driver would feel every bump because the sold steel sway bar would transfer the impact from one … Read More

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