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Transmission shifts late

Fix Ford Taurus transmission that shifts late and hard If you own a Ford Taurus and the vehicle is shifting hard into 2nd gear or the shift is occurring late, here’s how to check it out. You’ll have to raise the vehicle on a hoist and test it while running. This can be dangerous, so take safety precautions. You’ll be testing with a digital multimeter. Find the violet/orange wire at the PCM or the transmission solenoid connector on top of the transmission. The PCM provides ground on this wire to … Read More

Throttle position sensor TPS

Diagnose and Replace throttle position sensor TPS A throttle position sensor is just like a rotating volume control on your radio or TV. Instead of turning the knob by hand to “pump up the gas,” the throttle position sensor  connects to the throttle plate shaft or to the throttle cable. Its job is to tell the powertrain control module (PCM) where your foot is on the pedal. In newer cars, the TPS is located right on the gas pedal. The manufacturers eliminated the cable to the throttle body and rely … Read More

Tire Pressure and Outside Temperature

Tire Pressure sensor, TPMS light on, and the relationship to Outside Temperature Tire pressure monitoring systems are required on all 2007 and newer cars. The new law mandates that the driver be notified when tire pressure is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommendations. You may already have TPMS on your vehicle. But did you know that outside temperature can mess with these systems? That’s right. A 10° change in tire temperature results in a 1 psi difference in air pressure. So if your tire was already low on air and temps … Read More

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