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Turn off ABS light

How to turn off ABS light When the ABS light in on, there’s a problem with the ABS system The ABS system consists of an electronic module, a valve unit, a pump, wiring harness and wheel speed sensors and tone rings. The ABS wheel speed sensors monitor the rotation speed of each wheel. When it detects that one or more wheels is about to lock up. the valve unit releases brake pressure to that wheel and then rapidly applies and releases pressure to that wheel to prevent further lock-ups. Why … Read More

ABS light on Honda Civic

Fix ABS light on Honda Civic If you own a Honda Civic with an ABS light on with code 81-01 ABS module failure (Central Processing Unit [CPU] Internal Circuit Malfunction, don’t automatically assume you got a bad ABS unit. Start your diagnostics by checking the powers and grounds to the ABS unit. Check for battery voltage on terminals 8-9-16 and ground on 24 & 25. Also make note of the actual battery voltage while the vehicle is running. If the alternator is overcharging, it can cause this ABS code to … Read More

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