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Bad idle air control valve

Bad idle air control valve symptoms Idle speed goes up and down or high idle First off, this is a fairly common problem for all makes and models. Sometimes the problem is caused by a gummed up or sticking idle air control valve (IAC) or a dirty mass airflow sensor (MAF). But it can also be caused by a vacuum leak. How an idle air control valve works If you’re familiar with older carbureted cars you remember that you turned a screw to set the idle speed. The screw turned … Read More

Fix code P1506 on Ford

Fix code P1506 – Idle Air Control System Over speed Error If you get this P1506 – Idle Air Control System Over speed Error code on a Ford vehicle with the Duratec engine, don’t start with an idle air controller valve (IAC) replacement. This vehicle has a LOT of vacuum leaks and that can cause serious idle problems. Air leaks into the engine AFTER the MAF has already metered the incoming air. So the oxygen sensor sees a very lean exhaust. Since the vehicle is at idle, the computer tries … Read More

Lean codes on ford windstar

Lean codes on ford windstar As if this vehicle didn’t have enough air leaks in it, some technicians have reported finding yet another location for an air leak. If you’ve fixed the lower intake manifold and are still getting Lean codes on ford windstar, check the IMRC where it enters the intake manifold. Apparently the “O” ring that seals the actuator shaft can leak. To test it out, apply some white lithium grease around the seal. If the lean condition stops, you’ve found the leak source. Technicians report that they … Read More

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