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Power window regulator

Broken power window regulators are a big problem Starting in the early 2000’s car makers switched from a heavy duty scissors style window regulator to a much lighter and less costly cable driven style window regulator. Where the older scissors style window regulator would normally last the life of the vehicle, cable driven window regulators failed within just a few years after rolling off the showroom floor. Worse yet, the replacement window regulators were no better, causing your to replace the regulator again in another few years. What causes a cable window … Read More

Replace a window regulator on Chrysler minivan

Replace window regulator Chrysler minivan Here’s a really good video on How to replace a window regulator on Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, and Plymouth Voyager vans.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Replace a window regulator

How to replace a window regulator Replacing a broken window regulator can be a do-it-yourself project if you have a basic set of tools and the patience to mark fastener locations. This articles shows how to replace a window regulator on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero. But other makes and models are similar. Once you understand how the system bolts together, it’s really a matter of unbolting and re-assembling in the same order. First things first Before you can replace a broken window regulator, you have to remove the door trim … Read More

Power window not working

How to diagnose and fix power window not working Power windows not working? When you have a power window not working condition, most DIYers automatically suspect a bad power window motor. That’s usually not the case. If you have a power window not working issue, the fault is usually a broken window regulator, bad window switch, or a problem in the power window wiring. Passenger window not working Most vehicles have a lockout switch on the master switch to prevent passenger windows from opening if the driver locks them out. … Read More

Fix window regulator sash guide GM vehicles

How to fix a glass holder on my GM car The power window regulators on GM vehicles are failing by the zillions. Before you assume it’s the window regulator, check the window regulator sash guide. But before you pony up the $$$$ for a new regulator, remove the door trim panel and check the SASH clips. They are nylon clips that are glued to the bottom of the window glass. They bolt into metal clips on the regulator. These clips fail at an alarming rate. The tell-tale signs that you … Read More

Repair power window regulator

Replace a power window regulator Most late model cars have failing power window regulators. Here’s how to repair power window regulator. Manufacturers have redesigned power window mechanisms and you’re paying the price for it. The new mechanisms, known as window regulators, are lightweight and flimsy. They raise and lower the window with cables that often bind or break. If the window channels aren’t lubricated (use silicone or dry Teflon spray), the friction overloads the motors and they burn out or strip the “spool” that winds the cables. Rather than pay … Read More

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