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Toyota P0441

Toyota P0441 — Diagnose and fix

A Toyota P0441 is a generic trouble code that refers to the canister purge valve flow. The purge valve is a component in the Evaporative Emissions System. The purge valve is responsible for purging gas vapors from the charcoal canister.

Toyota P0441 Incorrect Purge Flow is a common failure code. Toyota lists these possible causes in their shop manual:

Vacuum hose has cracks— holes, or is blocked, damaged or disconnected
Fuel tank cap is incorrectly installed, Fuel tank cap has cracks, or is damaged
Open or short in vapor pressure sensor circuit
Vapor pressure sensor
Open or short in VSV circuit for EVAP
EVAP VSV Open or short in VSV circuit for CCV, inoperative CCV
Fuel tank has cracks, holes, or is damaged
Charcoal canister has cracks, holes, or is damaged
Fuel tank over fill check valve has cracks, or is damaged

Most common causes of Toyota P0441

1. Loose gas filler cap or worn seal on filler cap. Replace filler cap with high quality unit or dealer part.
2. Bad canister closed valve (CCV)—solenoid not working or valve is clogged. The CCV valve is located on the charcoal canister.
4. Bad purge valve
5. Cracked charcoal canister.
6. Cracked or disconnected vacuum hoses from charcoal canister to purge valve.

How to test Toyota purge valve

Disconnect the purge valve vacuum lines and apply vacuum to the engine side of the valve. Apply and disconnect power to the solenoid valve. When closed, the valve should hold vacuum. When open, it should not hold vacuum. If the valve leaks or does not open, replace the purge valve. If the purge valve fails to operate properly, check for bits of charcoal clogging the valve. That would indicate a charcoal canister failure. In that case, replace the canister and flush all charcoal from the vacuum line running from the canister to the purge valve.

How to test a Toyota canister closed valve (CCV)

The CCV is normally open to the atmosphere. When power and ground are applied to the solenoid, the valve should close and hold vacuum. If it leaks, replace it.

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