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VW service bulletin for P2004, 2014, P2015

Fix for trouble codes VW P2004, 2014, P2015

VW has issued a service bulletin # 24 17 03 to address trouble codes P2004, 2014, P2015 on all 2006-08 2.0T BPY engines and all 2008-16 2.0T CCTA/CBFA engines.

P2004 Intake Manifold Flap for Air Flow Control Bank 1 Stuck Closed
P2014 Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit
P2015 Sender for Intake Manifold Flap Position/Air Flow Control, Implausible Signal

The trouble codes listed above are enhanced trouble codes requiring a high end professional scan tool.

Cause of P2004, 2014, P2015 trouble codes

VW has determined that the codes may be caused by vacuum line and vacuum tee restrictions caused by debris from production or increasing mileage. The restriction affects the intake manifold operation and causes P2014, P2015 faults. Or, the intake manifold flap may have become disconnected from the regulator valve. This would require manifold replacement with an updated part.

Checking procedure. Drive the vehicle to place a load on the engine. Increase engine RPM  quickly to at least 3000 RPM and then release. The MVB 143 field 3 value on your scan tool should immediately change from 0% up to 100%. If the values in field 3 instantly change to 100%, the hose and fittings are not restricted.

If there is a restriction, the values in field 3 will slowly increase or not increase at all. Inspect vacuum lines leading to intake manifold, and fittings, for restrictions (twisted, kinked hoses or blockages caused by debris). Reposition or clean as required.

Inspect Intake Manifold flap

VW has also determined that the intake manifold flap can separate internally. When that happens, it will not operate correctly with the regulator valve.

flap and controller

Intake Manifold flap checking procedure

Check intake manifold flaps and if necessary replace intake manifold.

• Remove the engine cover
• Move the carrier plate by hand in an axial VW manifold flapdirection  to check if the carrier plate can be pulled out. If the carrier plate can be pulled out, the flap has separated and the intake manifold must be replaced.

If the carrier plate cannot be pulled out, perform the following procedure:
• Check the diagnostic limits of the flap with the ODIS tester.
• Under Motor, select Guided Functions

Select Adapting Engine Control Module (ECM) to intake manifold flap. If the adaptation is not successful, the flap stop is worn internally, the intake manifold also has to be replaced.

If no carrier plate, vacuum line or vacuum tee related damage is identified, and the adaptation passes, diagnose the faults using guided fault finding. This bulletin does not apply.

Note: During intake manifold replacement, all fuel injector seals must be replaced.

After performing Intake Manifold Replacement, add fuel additive G 001780M3 to the fuel tank.
VW intake 06J 133 201 BH

06F 133 201 P (BPY) Intake Manifold 1 (If Necessary)
06D 998 907 (BPY) Seals 4 (If Necessary)
06F 129 717 D (BPY) Gasket 1 (If Necessary)
06J 133 201 BH (CCTA/CBFA) Intake Manifold 1 (If Necessary)
06J 998 907 B (CCTA/CBFA) Seals 4 (If Necessary)
06F 129 717 D (CCTA/CBFA) Gasket 1 (If Necessary)
Injector Cleaner G 001780M3 1


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