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VW service bulletin for P2004, 2014, P2015

Fix for trouble codes VW P2004, 2014, P2015 VW has issued a service bulletin # 24 17 03 to address trouble codes P2004, 2014, P2015 on all 2006-08 2.0T BPY engines and all 2008-16 2.0T CCTA/CBFA engines. P2004 Intake Manifold Flap for Air Flow Control Bank 1 Stuck Closed P2014 Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit P2015 Sender for Intake Manifold Flap Position/Air Flow Control, Implausible Signal The trouble codes listed above are enhanced trouble codes requiring a high end professional scan tool. Cause of P2004, 2014, P2015 trouble codes … Read More

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