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Where to apply brake grease

How and where to apply brake grease

Why you apply brake grease

Applying brake grease accomplishes two things: 1) It helps sliding parts slide, and 2) It reduces brake noise.

Grease helps sliding brake parts slide

Floating calipers slide on caliper slide pins, so they need a lubricant that stands up to the heat, lubricates, and prevents damage to rubber parts.

Grease reduces brake noise transmission

All brake pads product vibration when pressed against the rotor. Without lubrication, the vibrations travel to the steel brake pad backing plate, causing it to vibrate against the caliper. The caliper transmits the vibration to the knuckle and strut.

Brake grease dampens the vibration transmission

What type of brake grease should you use

Grease for caliper slide pins and caliper bracket abutments

sil glyde brake grease

Use high temperature silicone (dielectric) brake grease. It resists breakdown under high temperatures and reduces corrosion. NEVER use a petroleum based grease on caliper slide pins! It will degrade the rubber caliper pin boots.

NEVER use anti-seize on caliper slide pins. Anti-seize is not designed to lubricate sliding parts. It’s sole purpose is to prevent parts from seizing.

Grease for brake pad backing plates, noise reduction shims, and caliper piston face

Use a high temperature synthetic/ceramic or molybdenum grease on the caliper areas shown below and on the caliper piston face. Both grease types reduce brake noise caused by normal braking vibration. Do not use a petroleum based grease on or near rubber seals.

Where to apply brake grease

Where to apply grease on a brake caliper

• Caliper piston face
• Opposing caliper body (“fingers”)

brake grease

Where to apply grease on a caliper bracket (abutment)

image showing where to apply brake grease on a brake caliper bracket

Where to apply grease on brake pads

If the noise reduction shims aren’t permanently attached to the backing plate, apply a light coating of grease to the backing plate before attaching the noise reduction shim.

grease on shim
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