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Where to learn auto mechanics

Here are the best online education sources to learn auto mechancis

If you’re an aspiring auto tech or a DIY who’s just interested in learning more about auto repair, you’re probably wondering where to learn auto mechanics. Well, there are some great online sources and I’ve listed the best ones below.

Some are free and some have a fee.

Learn auto mechanics with Garage Gurus Online auto tech training courses

Garage Gurus® is an industry-leading training and support platform created to address the skills gap and technician shortages facing the automotive service industry.

Built from a unique combination of technical training, product expertise and onsite, online, and on-demand delivery, Garage Gurus makes comprehensive training available to more service technicians than any other aftermarket manufacturer.

We come to work every day to give technicians the skills, training and knowledge they need to ensure quality repairs and build a stronger, more successful automotive service industry.

Their free videos are on their youtube channel

Learn auto mechanics with AVI OnDemand videos

The Mission of Automotive Video Innovations (AVI) is to

AVI on demand

AVI on Demand auto mechanics courses are top notch. You’ll learn a lot

produce auto mechanic training courses or automotive repair training courses and information for the automotive aftermarket, providing current and future repair technicians with the highest level of technical training available. AVI’s goal for its course participants is to acquire the necessary skill set they seek and to apply those skills in a competent manner due to their training. AVI produces auto mechanic technician training through instructor-led courses, technical training manuals, and other media, with a commitment to continually update this training to stay in step with ever-changing automotive technology. Please check out our About Us page to learn more about AVI.

Their free videos are on their youtube channel

ACDelco Technical Training Courses are very good for learning auto mechanics

Take the next steps to building your skills and furthering your career. Our approach meets professionals where they are at, combining a variety of proven delivery methods to help ensure maximum learning potential for the service professional.

AC Delco Technical Training

Cardone Training

Cardone is a major rebuilder of auto parts. They offer free training videos on their site or their youtube channel

Brake and Front End Magazine

Brake and Front End is a trade magazine for auto techs. Babcox Publishing prints this magazine along with UnderHoodService, ImportCar,and Tomorrow’s Technician.

In addition to the magazine, Babcox has several youtube channels with free videos.

Brake and Front End Youtube

Underhood Service Youtube

MotorAge Magazine

MotorAge Magazine is another respected trade magazine for auto technicians. Find them here.   Pete Meier is their video trainer. You can find his free videos on youtube here.

Delphi Auto Parts

A major manufacturer of auto parts. They run fee-based training and free youtube videos

ADP Training

Youtube based auto training

Carlson Brake Products

Major manufacturer of brake hardware offers free training on their youtube channel


FourSeasons is a major manufacturer of HVAC system components and they offer free training videos on their youtube channel

goTech training

The name says it all. Free youtube training


Intermotor is a division of Standard and they offer free training on their youtube channel


NGK is a major manufacturer of ignition and electrical components. They offer free training on their youtube channel


Permatex is a major manufacturer of adhesives and gasketing products. They offer free training videos on their youtube channel

Standard Brand

Another major manufacturer of auto parts. They offer free training on their youtube channel

Tomorrow’s Technican Magazine

Register for Free auto classes

Wagner Brake

Wagner Brake is a Tier 1 supplier to several carmakers. Their youtube channel has lots of really professional training videos.

Some Youtube videos are ok to learn auto mechanics, but others are just horrible

There are a lot of hacks out there and it shows in many of their youtube videos. They show you dangerous shortcuts, tell you information that is just plain wrong, and you can learn some really bad habits by watching hack videos.

Here are Youtubers I respect

These guys are pros and you can trust what they teach you.





Flat Rate Master





Super Mario Diagnostics

Trained by Techs

The Youtuber I really dislike


It’s my personal opinion that Scotty offers some horrible advice. I

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