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Wiper blade style

Differences between wiper blade styles

wiper blade types

Wiper blade styles

Wiper blades come in four basic styles: spring arm, aero spring arm, beam and winter blade. Here are the differences.

Spring arm wiper blade

This is the traditional wiper blade where the wiper arm applies spring arm wiper bladespring pressure to the center mounting point on the blade. The blade frame distributes the force evenly across the blade to individual spring arms that hold the rubber insert. Each spring arm can rotate on it’s pivot, allowing the blade to flex slightly.

Advantages: Inexpensive

Disadvantages: Lifts off the windshield at high speeds. Can pack with snow and ice in winter, preventing the spring arms from exerting pressure. That results in uneven wiping.

Aero wiper blade

This is a modified spring arm blade that’s designed with a lower profile aero wiper bladeand sharper edges to prevent blade lift at high speeds.

Advantages: Won’t lift off your windshield at highway speeds

Disadvantages: Packs with ice and snow in winter, causing uneven wiping

Beam wiper blade

A beam blade eliminates all the problems associated with spring arms beam wiper bladeand snow and ice pack. It’s made from a piece of spring steel with the rubber squeegee bonded to the steel with an adhesive. A beam blade provides uniform tension across the entire blade.

Advantages: Uniform wiping force. No snow pack issues

Disadvantages: Higher cost. Rubber can separate from the beam. Chatter and skipping on large blades

Winter wiper blade

A winter blade is typically a standard spring arm blade that’s fitted winter wiper bladewith a rubber boot to prevent snow and ice buildup. The rubber boot is thin and flexible so any snow or ice that accumulates on the boot quickly breaks off as soon as you operate the wipers.

Advantages: No snow or ice pack in winter. Self cleaning

Disadvantages: May lift off the window at high speeds due to it’s bulk. Unattractive

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