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2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Fuse Box Diagram: Exploring the Fuse Boxes

2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Fuse Box Diagram

2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Fuse Box Diagram for Instrument panel fuse box

TURN-B/U Turn Signals, Back-Up Lamps
ERLS Engine relays
BCM/CLU Body Control Module, Instrument Panel Cluster
PCM Powertram Control Module
IGN MD Ignnition module
F/P-INJ Fuel pump Fuel Injectors
AIR BG Air Bag
CRUISE Cruise Control Module/Switch
ABS Anti Lock Brake Ignition
APO Accessory Power Outlet
RFA BATT Remote keyless entry system
MIR/DLC Power Mirrow/diagnostic link connector
LT HDLP Left headlamp
RDO/INTLP Radio, Interior Lamps OnStar
RT HDLP Right headlamp
CLSTR Instrument panel cluster
EXT LP Exterior lamps
CIG Cigarette lighter
FOG Fog lamps
Horn Horn
STOP/HZD Stop lamps, hazard lamps
RR DEFOG Rear window defogger
PWR ACC Power door locks
O2 HTR Oxygen sensor heater
HVAC Climate control system
WIPER Windshield wiper
BCM Body control module
AMPL Audo amplifier
PWR WDO Power window, sunroof
RELAY DLR Daytime running lamps relay

2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Fuse Box Diagram for underhood fuse box

fuse box diagram

IGN Ignition Switch Circuits
BATT1 Exterior lamps, power outlet, horn, audio amplifier
BATT2 Rear defogger, starter, power locks, stoplamps
ABS Anti lock brake system
COOLING Fan Engine cooling fan
PCM/HVAC Powertrain Control Module, Heater and AC blower fan
CRNK Starter
BLO Heater and AC blower
PCM Powertrain control module
AC AC compressor
AC AC compressor
Fuel Pump Fuel pump
Crank Starter
Cooling Fan Engine cooling Fan
Heater Blower Heater and AC blower

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