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Car Won’t Start With a Jump

Car Won’t Start With a Jump — how to diagnose

Let’s get out terms straight. When you turn the key and the starter engages and rotates the engine, that’s referred to as CRANKING. After cranking, an engine in good shape FIRES UP and runs.

Knowing that, let’s take this step by step.

Car won’t crank with a jump

Here are the two things that can prevent the car from cranking

1) Poor jumper cable connections. Double check your jumper cable clamp connections

2) The dead battery is too far gone or has an internally shorted cell. The jumping power is going straight to the dead battery, with not enough left over to crank the engine. Charge the battery using a battery charger. Then have it tested for an internal short.

Engine cranks with a jump start but won’t fire up

If the engine cranks with no sign whatsoever that it’s attempting fire up, go here for the next step.

If the engine cranks but occasionally feels like it’s trying to fire up, go here for the next step.

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