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Copper anti seize brake grease

Copper anti seize brake grease has limited application in brake jobx

Copper anti-seize should never be used to lubricate caliper pins

That’s right, many youtubers are dead wrong in copper anti-seizerecommending anti-seize for brakes. In fact, using anti-seize grease on your brakes can actually cause the problems you’re trying to avoid.

Here’s why anti-seize grease is the wrong product to use on your brakes:

• Anti-seize is not a lubricant and should never be used to lubricate sliding/rotating parts.
• It’s petroleum based, so it can degrade rubber boots, seals, and O-rings on contact.
• Because of its high metal solids content, copper, aluminum and nickel anti-seize products conduct electricity and actually promote galvanic action, metal transfer, and corrosion. That’s the last thing you want in a brake lubricant.
• Due to the high-solids content it can actually cause caliper slide pins to seize; the exact opposite of what you want in a brake grease.

Copper anti seize for brakes can ONLY be used for metal-to-metal contact areas and even then, it’s not the best choice.

For caliper slide pins, use a high temperature synthetic brake grease like the ones shown below.

For use under the anti rattle clips and on the anti rattle clips, use a high temperture synthetic brake grease like the ones listed below

For use on the face of the caliper piston, use a high temperture synthetic brake grease like the ones listed below

For use on the noise reduction shims where they contact the outboard caliper fingers, use a moly grease

Use silicone or PAG based brake grease, not anti-seize.

High temperature synthetic brake greases are silicone brake greasenon-petroleum based to prevent damage to rubber boots, seals, and O-rings. High temperature brake greases are either silicone or Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) based. They are low-solids, so they lubricate sliding parts and excel and dampening vibrations. They’re also dielectric, so they reduce or eliminate galvanic action and corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Where anti-seize can be used

Some carmakers apply nickel anti-seize to the nickel anti-seizewheel hub to reduce corrosion that can cause lateral runout and disc thickness variation.

Nickel grade is made from nickel (20%) and graphite in a petroleum base. Nickel aniti-seize excels at protecting metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling and seizing at temperatures up to 2600° F. Nickel Anti-Seize provides excellent chemical and oxidation resistance.

How to use nickel anti-seize on wheel hubs

Remove all wheel hub rust using a wire brush or specialty hub rust removal products. Apply a light film of nickel anti-seize onto the wheel hub, avoiding getting the product on the wheel studs.

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