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CV joint replacement cost

Average CV joint replacement cost

When your CV boot tears, all the grease leaks out and road grit and water enter the CV joint, eventually destroying it. Shops used to replace just the boot, but these days they usually replace the entire axle with a rebuilt unit that includes rebuilt joints and a new inner and outer boot. The rebuilt axle costs more than new boots, but replacing the entire axle saves a lot of labor. So the average CV joint replacement cost using this method runs $300 to $500 per side.

Here’s how the CV joint replacement cost works out, comparing boot replacement with entire axle replacement. CV boots are normally replaced in pairs—both the inner and outer boot on the same axle

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CV boot replacement cost when replacing just the boots on one axle

Advantages of doing just the boots — none. You still wind up with used CV joints

Disadvantages — You may wind up with CV joints that are worn from ingesting and running for a while on road grit.

Labor cost to remove and replace axle on a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu .5-hrs

Labor cost to remove and replace both the inner and outer CV joint boot 1.5

Parts cost. Inner and outer boots $85.00 each.

New axle nuts (one time use) $22.

Labor 2-hrs labor @$110-hr = $220

Parts cost $192

Total Cost $412

new cv boot cost

CV joint replacement cost when replacing the entire axle on one side

Labor cost to remove and replace axle on a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu .5-hrs

CV Axle parts cost

Totally new AC Delco axle $325 (Warranty 24 months, unlimited mileage)

Cardone Rebuilt Axle (Lifetime Warranty) $175

rebuilt axle shaft

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