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F150 sunroof sticking

F150 sunroof sticking, binding, stuck, noisy

Ford service bulletin 21-2292

Ford has issued Ford service bulletin 21-2292 to address a sticking, binding, noisy or stuck open or closed sunroof on the vehicles listed below

Vehicles covered by Ford service bulletin 21-2292

2018-2021 Expedition
2015-2021 F-150
2017-2021 F-Super Duty
2018-2021 Navigator

F150 sunroof sticking symptoms

The binding/sticking, glass stuck open or closed, noisy operation including chatter, rattling, or grinding may be due to cracking in the panel brackets. The glass panel brackets can be replaced separately from the frame assembly. But you the roof opening panel glass must be moved to be moved to the vent position.

Fix for  F150 sunroof sticking

1. Use the sunroof switch to move the glass to the vent position. If the glass moved, go to step 9 below. If the glass won’t move, go to step 2
2. Lower the headliner.
3. Disconnect the motor electrical connector.
4. Remove the bolts and the roof opening panel motor.
5. Move the glass, pulling the front part of the glass or pushing the bulb seal on the back edge of the glass. Do not push on the water trough.
NOTE: When moving the glass forward the glass will hit a hard stop at which point the glass will be in the forward closed position.
6. Remove the glass.
7. Inspect for and remove any debris from the track. (
8. With the aid of a blunt end tool (large flat head screw driver, plastic trim removal tool or equivalent), push the trolley pin forward in the cam slot to move the mechanism to the vent position.
9. Remove the roof opening panel glass brackets and set plates. Make sure all debris is removed from the frame track during repairs. Slide the trolley back and forth to make sure the track is clean. The trolley should slide freely front to back smoothly without obstruction.
10. Install the new glass brackets and set plates
11. Before reinstalling the motors on both sides, make sure the trolley pins are aligned with the V-shaped alignment markings on the glass brackets to assure the mechanisms are in the glass closed position. Move the cable mechanism by hand or by pushing the trolley pin with a flat bladed screwdriver as necessary.
12. Install the roof opening panel water trough.
13. To install the glass, reverse the removal procedure.

To see a video overview of the entire procedure, watch this video.

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