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Fix P0154 Honda

What is a P0154 Honda code and how to fix it

A P0154 trouble code on a Honda means the upstream oxygen sensor on bank 2 isn’t detecting any circuit activity. Here’s the official definition: P0154 O2 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 2 Sensor 1). Normally this oxygen sensor should be sending a rapidly changing reading to the computer.

Should you replace the oxygen sensor or air/fuel sensor to fix P0154?

You may have to but don’t start there. Hondas are known for developing leaks in the air intake duct that runs from the air filter box to the

P0154 Honda

Air intake duct

throttle body. Since the airflow is detected by the MAF sensor near the air filter box, any kind of leak will throw off all the oxygen sensor readings. That’s because unmetered air is flowing into the engine. The computer calculates what it believes is the correct air/fuel mixture based on the MAF sensor, only to find an extremely lean condition in the exhaust. The computer tries to correct but can’t

If you get a P0154 on a Honda, check the air intake duct first

Remove the air intake duct and shine a light through the pleats. If you see ANY light coming through, replace the duct. Never replace an air/fuel or oxygen sensor until you’ve conducted this test.

Then test the oxygen or air/fuel sensor

Make sure the sensor heater is receiving battery voltage and ground for the heater. Then refer to a shop manual for allowable specs. Replace if you’re not getting that reading. And BTW, Hondas don’t like universal or off-brand sensors. Replace with the exact sensor from Denso or NGK.

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