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Fix paint scratches

How to fix paint scratches

If you’ve got some minor scratches in your car’s paint, you can remove them yourself. I’ve used this kit from 3M and it does a nice job. They actually make two different kits. One kit is for hand application and the second kit is for use with an ordinary household drill. The drill kit comes with sandpaper and a buffing pad holder that chucks into your drill. You sand the scratch with the various papers and end with 3Ms super fine 3,000-grit finishing square. Then you apply rubbing compound to the pad and use the drill at low speed. Then apply polishing compound to bring back the gloss.paint scratch removal, remove paint scratches, fix paint scratches

paint restoration, remove oxidized paint, rubbing compoundBoth kits work on minor surface scratches that haven’t gone down into the base coat. Run your fingernail across the scratch. If it catches, the scratch is too deep for these kits. You’ll need professional repair.

3M also makes a paint restoration system for spiffing up your whole car. If you’ve got oxidized paint, buy this kit and use it with a dual-action (DA) sander/buffer to rub out the old oxidation and scratches. Then use the polishing compound to bring back the shine. The kit comes with both compounds and the right pads to do the job.
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