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Ford Edge P1450

Ford Edge P1450 trouble code

Diagnose and fix Ford Edge P1450 trouble code

A Ford Edge P1450 – Unable To Bleed Up Fuel Tank Vacuum sets when the PCM sees excessive fuel tank vacuum while the engine is running, but not at idle. Or, the PCM conducted a fuel tank vacuum test and was unable to bleed off the vacuum after the test was completed.

Diagnose P1450 by testing the fuel tank pressure sensor

The code is set by looking at the fuel tank pressure sensor (FTP). With the key on and engine off, the FTP sensor should read 2.4-2.8volts. You can check that with a meter or live data on a scan tool.

If your reading is lower than the expected reading, remove the gas cap. If y our vehicle is equipped with the capless filler neck, just push the valve open at the filler neck with the funnel included with the vehicle.

If the FTP sensor reading changes after removing the cap, chances are there’s a restriction somewhere in the EVAP emissions system. The possibilities are: the charcoal canister, dust separator, vent solenoid, or vent hose.

If opening the gas cap doesn’t change the FTP sensor reading, check the sensor connections and voltages.

fuel tank pressure sensor

The FTP sensor is located above the fuel tank. Check the Brown/Blue wire for the 5-volt reference. Then check White/Violet wire for ground. The Violet/Green wire should be the same low value as the live data on your scan tool.

If the FTP sensor readings are in the normal range, start the engine and look at the FTP sensor readings to see if the voltage is dropping. If so, disconnect the connector to the purge valve (in the engine compartment). The check the purge valve to see if there’s vacuum on the EVAP side of the valve. There should be no vacuum. If you feel vacuum, the purge valve is leaking. Replace the purge valve.

Next, check the vent valve.

Supply vacuum to one side of the vent valve. Then apply/remove power and ground to the vent valve. The valve should open and close and not leak vacuum or be stuck shut.

Most common causes of Ford P1450

Leaking purge valve
Stuck closed vent valve

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