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Ford Escape EGR valve problems

Fix Ford Escape EGR valve problems

An engine backfire can produce enough pressure to make an EGR valve explode. However, if the engine is running rough and lacks power, suspect a plugged exhaust system or destroyed catalytic converter. When those exhaust and emissions system components fail, the increased back pressure can force additional exhaust through the EGR valve. That can burn a hole through the EGR valve which eventually weakens the valve and then it’s Ka-Boom!This is a common problem on these Ford V-6 vehicles.

Unscrew the oxygens sensor and install an exhaust back pressure gauge to check for pressure. Or you can use a regular vacuum gauge to see if intake vacuum is too low at idle and higher RPM’s. But if your engine lacks power, you can just about bet on a plugged exhaust component after an EGR valve failure.

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