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GM P0230

Diagnose and fix GM P0230:  Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit

GM has issued a service bulletin #PIP4462 to address a GM P0230 Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit on all 2004 thru 2009 GM cars and light trucks.

Use a digital multimeter to check the resistance between pins 6 and 14 at the diagnostic link connector (DLC), also known as the OBDII port. The resistance should be around 60-Ω ±10%. If that checks out, check the power and ground connections at the fuel pump control module. The fuel pump control module varies the fuel pump volume by pulsing the fuel pump ground connection. This eliminates the need for a pressure regulator.

DLC pinout

Diagnostic Link Connector (OBDII port)

Check power and ground at the fuel pump control module

Remove the connector a the fuel pump control module. Check for ground at terminal 1 and battery voltage on terminal 32. If you have a bi-directional scan tool, command the fuel pump on and check for voltage at pin 13.

fuel pump control module wiring diagram

Fuel pump control module

Check for aftermarket security system

If you find the specified resistance, voltage, and ground, check the vehicle for the presence of an aftermarket anti-theft system. Some of them override the fuel pump relay circuit.

If the system does not have an aftermarket security system and your voltage and resistance checks are good, replace the fuel pump control module. The new unit must be programmed to the vehicle.

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