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Honda Odyssey vibrates at idle and when accelerating

Honda Odyssey vibration from idle speed to about  2,100 RPM

Honda has issued a service bulletin HSN0906-12 to address a Honda Odyssey vibration
Issue for the vehicles listed below. Honda has determined that a bad rear motor mount can be causing the vibration problem and Honda has released a testing procedure to confirm.

2005-06 Odyssey EX-L or Touring

Raise the vehicle and examine the rubber boot connecting the engine to the subframe mount.

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Check clearance with .024″ feeler gauge

If the rubber boot appears collapsed insert a .024 inch feeler gauge between the rubber bumper on the rear motor mount and the aluminum mount bracket. If the feeler gauge won’t pass across the entire length of the rubber bumper, replace the rear motor mount with a new part 50810-SHJ-A62

Honda motor mount, Honda Odyssey mount

50810-SHJ-A62 Honda Odyssey motor mount

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