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Hood latch replacement

Hood latch replacement

Hood latch replacement cost at a shop

A hood latch replacement costs between $50 and $295. The price really depends on whether the part is a dealer-only item or whether it can be purchased in the aftermarket for less.

The labor to replace a hood latch is usually less than .5-.75 hours.

Hood latch replacement cost examples

A replacement hood latch for a 2010 Mazda CX-7 with an alarm system costs about $150 from the dealer. The same latch without an alarm switch is around $80. However, an aftermarket latch for this vehicle costs around $50 (without alarm).

mazda hood latch

Hood latch replacement steps

Most hood latches are held in place by three bolts. The technician unhooks the hood release cable, disconnects the alarm switch and removes 3 bolts. Then install the new latch in reverse.

hood latch replacement

Most common cause of hood latch failure

Rust is the most common cause of hood latch failure. It can cause a hood won’t open condition.

The best way to prevent this is to lubricate the hood latch with spray white lithium grease.

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