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How to lubricate car window channels

Lubricate your car’s window channels to make the window move move up and down faster

You can make your car windows move up and down faster and more smoothly; just lubricate the window channels with a silicone or dry Teflon spray. Here’s how to do that.

How to lubricate car window channels

lubricate car window tracks

• Insert the spray nozzle into the aerosol can of lubricant.
• Move the window to the full down position.
• Spray a liberal amount of spray lubricant into the front and back window tracks.
• Wait  for the solvent to evaporate.
• Then operate the window up and down multiple times to spread the lubricant up and down the track below the window opening.

Which lubricant is best for car window channels?

There are two choices of lubricant and there are pros and cons of each.

Silicone spray. This is the most commonly recommended choice to lubricate power window channels.  It does a good job of lubricating the window tracks. However, in my experience the silicon remains somewhat sticky in the channel and can pick up dust and dirt that can put you right back into the spot you wanted to avoid. That’s why I don’t like using it.

Dry Teflon Lube. Dry Teflon spray is just Teflon particles mixed into a solvent. You spray it on wet and when the solvent dries, it leaves behind a white Teflon powder. The advantage of Dry Teflon is that it doesn’t attract dust and dirt. The downside is that it turn the black window tracks white.

How to buy spray silicone and Dry Teflon lube

You’ll find several brands of spray silicone at the auto parts store or home center store and they vary in price for a reason. The cheap brands are mostly solvent and will give you the worst results. I’ve tested several brands and found that the cheap ones contain about 1/4th the amount of silicone as the name brands. So I recommend buying the WD-40 Specialist, PB Blaster, CRC, and Liquid Wrench brands of silicone spray

The same applies to Dry Teflon lube. I recommend WD-40 Specialist, PB Blaster, CRC and Dupont brands

silicone spray lube or window channels
silicone spray lube

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