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Hyundai Fuel gauge readings wrong or erratic

Diagnose and fix Hyundai Fuel gauge readings wrong or erratic

If you encounter a Hyundai Fuel gauge readings wrong or erratic condition on the vehicles listed below or find any of the following trouble codes: P0461, P0462, P0463, B1562, perform the tests shown below.

Hyundai vehicles with fuel gauge readings wrong or erratic

2012-17 Genesis Coupe
2006- 17 Sonata
2010-17 Tucson

What causes erratic fuel gauge readings or wrong fuel gauge readings?

A fuel sending device is simply a float arm connected to a variable resistor. When the tank is full and the float arm is at the top of its travel the variable resistor provides a low resistance. As the vehicle uses fuel and the float arm falls, resistance increases. The exact resistance the computer expects varies with year, make, model and whether the fuel gage is analog or digital.

Some owners may see an erratic or unresponsive fuel gauge or a fuel gauge that does not reach the full level after filling the fuel tank. Plus, some vehicles may display a check engine light on with the following trouble codes:

• P0461 Fuel Level Sender Circuit Range/Performance
• P0462 Fuel Level Sender Circuit Low Input
• P0463 Fuel Level Sender Circuit High Input
• B1562 Fuel Sender ERR (YF Only)

How to diagnose fuel gauge issues

You’ll need a DVOM meter set to the ohms setting and you’ll have to access the fuel sender in the gas tank. The problem is either the sender itself, corrosion of bad connection in the electrical connector to the pump/sender or in the wiring harness.

With the engine OFF for at least 40-secs and the key turned to the RUN position, back probe the fuel sender connector and measure the resistance between pins 1 and 3. Compare the readings to the resistance values below.

Here are some typical fuel sender resistance readings:

2011 and later Sonata Full 6-17Ω, ½ 70-75Ω, Warning light on 168-172Ω, Empty 198-202Ω

2006-10 Sonata Full 6-17Ω, ½ 64-68Ω, Warning light on 168-172Ω, Empty 182-202Ω
2012 and later Genesis Coup Full 12-16Ω, ½ 102-106Ω, Warning light on 185-189Ω, Empty 191-195Ω
2009 and alter Tucson Full 6-17Ω, ½ 64-68Ω, Warning light on 185-189Ω, Empty 191-195Ω

If the readings are out of spec, or you find an open circuit, perform a sweep test.

Fuel sender sweep test

Disconnect the fuel pump connectors and fuel lines. Remove the entire fuel pump module from the tank. Lift the float arm and watch the DVOM readings. The reading should show a rise or fall without dropouts. Take a reading with the arm full up and fully down and compare to specs. If they are off, replace the fuel sender. If they are good, check the condition of the connector and wiring harness between the fuel sender and body control module.

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