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Initialize Ford auto up/down one-touch feature

How to initialize the Ford one-touch window feature

WARNING: During this procedure, the window operates with full force and will not reverse if it hits an obstacle like your arm or fingers.

NOTE: The front window must be in the full OPEN position for this procedure to operate correctly

NOTE: If the initialization procedure is only partially completed, the front window motor remains de-initialized and operates only in proportional up/down and one-touch-down modes.

NOTE: The window must be de-initialized before you can perform the initialization process.

1) Turn the ignition ON.
2) Pull the window switch to the UP position until the window closes and continue to hold the switch in the UP position for 2-seconds. Then release the switch.

3) Press the window switch down until the window moves to the full DOWN position and continue to hold the switch in the DOWN position for 2-seconds.

4) Test the initialization by pulling the window switch up to the second detent position. Then test for auto-down by pressing the window switch to the full down position.

How to disable the Ford one-touch window feature

1) Turn the IGN to ON

2) Operate the window in one-touch mode and while the window is moving, disconnect the power by

Disconnecting the vehicle battery
Removing the driver or passenger window motor fuse
This resets the motor to the factory de-initialized setting.

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