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Kia OBD2 codes

Kia OBD2 codes

Each manufacturer is allowed to generate its own “manufacturer-specific” P codes. Manufacturer-specific P codes start with P1000. If your trouble Kia code starts with P1XXX, find the Kia OBD2 codes here.

P1115    Engine Coolant Temperature Signal from ECM to TCM.
P1121    Throttle Position Sensor Signal Malfunction from ECM to TCM.
P1170    Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Stuck.
P1195    EGR Pressure Sensor (1.6L) or Boost Sensor (1.8L) Open or Short.
P1196    Ignition Switch “Start” Open or Short (1.6L).
P1250    Pressure Regulator Control Solenoid Valve Open or Short.
P1252    Pressure Regulator Control Solenoid Valve No. 2 Circuit Malfunction.
P1307    Chassis Acceleration Sensor Signal Malfunction.
P1308    Chassis Acceleration Sensor Signal Low.
P1309    Chassis Acceleration Sensor Signal High.
P1345    No SGC Signal (1.6L).
P1386    Knock Sensor Control Zero Test.
P1402    EGR Valve Position Sensor Open or Short.
P1449    Canister Drain Cut Valve Open or Short (1.8L).
P1450    Excessive Vacuum Leak.
P1455    Fuel Tank Sending Unit Open or Short (1.8L).
P1457    Purge Solenoid Valve Low System Malfunction.
P1458    A/C Compressor Control Signal Malfunction.
P1485    EGR Solenoid Valve Vacuum Open or Short.
P1486    EGR Solenoid Valve Vent Open or Short.
P1487    EGR Boost Sensor Solenoid Valve Open or Short.
P1496    EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 1 (1.8L).
P1497    EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 2 (1.8L).
P1498    EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 3 (1.8L).
P1499    EGR Stepper Motor Malfunction – Circuit 4 (1.8L).
P1500    No Vehicle Speed Signal to TCM.
P1505    Idle Air Control Valve Opening Coil Voltage Low.
P1506    Idle Air Control Valve Opening Coil Voltage High.
P1507    Idle Air Control Valve Closing Coil Voltage Low.
P1508    Idle Air Control Valve Closing Coil Voltage High.
P1523    VICS Solenoid Valve.
P1586    A/T-M/T Codification.
P1608    PCM Malfunction.
P1611    MIL Request Circuit Voltage Low.
P1614    MIL Request Circuit Voltage High.
P1624    MIL Request Signal from TCM to ECM.
P1631    Alternator “T” Open or No Power Output (1.8L).
P1632    Battery Voltage Detection Circuit for Alternator Regulator (1.8L).
P1633    Battery Overcharge.
P1634    Alternator “B” Open (1.8L).
P1693    MIL Circuit Malfunction.
P1743    Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Valve Open or Short.
P1794    Battery or Circuit Failure.
P1795    4WD Switch Signal Malfunction.
P1797    P or N Range Signal or Clutch Pedal Position Switch Open or Short.

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